Tuesday 20 November 2012

Microsoft SQL Server - Best RDBMS

What is Database?

In our day-to-day life, maintaining information is very important. As a human, we can’t maintain or remember all the information in our mind [Database]. If somebody or something is there for us to store our valuable information, we will be very happy. Yes!! Database does for us. 

So database is storage area that is used to store and maintain our valuable information. Nowadays maintaining information\data is mandatory for all the organization, business and even for personnel.

Microsoft SQL Server is one of the relational database management. SQL Server is more user friendly interface, easy to integrate with other environment, enhanced security, up-to-date with latest trends, broader community etc...

Why Microsoft SQL Server is best?

1.   User friendly interface
2.   Enhanced security [both SQL and Windows authentication].
3.  Integrated High availability and Disaster recovery Solution [AlwasyOn in SQL 2012].
4.   Easy Licensing Structure.
5.   User friendly tool for developers and DBA [SSMS].
6. Enhanced Data management techniques [Backup and Data Compression, Data encryption].
7.   East to integrate with other RDBMS and Operating systems.
8.   Economical and Easy availability [SQL Server express is available for free, easy installation process].
9. Suitable to all levels of Organization [from low level firms to Big enterprise data store].
10.    Enhanced performance management tools.
11.    Broader community.
12.    Perfect suite for application developers.
13.     Integrated BI Tools[SSAS, SSIS and SSRS]

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