Thursday 13 December 2012

BIG Data in SQL Server 2012

Data is growing rapidly day-by-day in the current business environment. Data source might be from any community, Organization, World or personal. Also data has different varieties such as text, blogs, videos, photos, Inventories, Historical, forecast, Point-of-sales, map etc...

Normally data storage capacity varies as byte, Kilobyte, Megabyte, Gigabyte and Terrabyte in the earlier business environment. But in the current industry’s data capacity requirement exceeds Petabyte and even it is looking for Exabyte, Zettabyte and Yottabyte data storage. Research says that data will grow to 35 Zettabytes [35 trillion terabytes] globally by 2020.

Traditional relational data management tools are not equipped to handle the requirement of current rapid growing data storage. 

What is BIG Data?

BIG DATA is very large amount of data which cannot be managed by traditional relational database management systems.

Big Data solutions include

1)   Flexible data management – Supports all data types, relational, non-relational and streaming data.
2)   Data Enrichment process for discovering, transforming, sharing and governing data.
3)   Flexible data access layers – to gain insight from any data in the market place.

Hadoop is a software framework which supports large scale data processing by providing facilities to customers to analyze petabytes or more amount of data with industry standard hardware. Hadoop internally uses MapReduce software framework to produce unified data. Currently Facebook and Yahoo use Hadoop to process their large scale data.

Microsoft BIG Data [HDInsight]

Microsoft’s HDInsight provides easy access to Hadoop on Microsoft products. HDInsight is Microsoft’s 100% Apache compatible Hadoop distribution which is available on both Windows Server and as a Windows Azure Service. It provides easy connectivity to Microsoft office Excel 2013 and Business Intelligence tools.

Specific Hadoop connectors are listed below for Microsoft SQL Server 2012 to enrich our data with world’s data.

1)   Apache Hadoop connector for Microsoft SQL Server
2)   Apache Hadoop connector for Microsoft parallel Data Warehouse

Microsoft’s HDInsight enables their end-users to gain insight from virtually any data.

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