Thursday 21 November 2013

Learning Salesforce – Part-1

Application in salesforce
An application in is a container, which contains - a name, a logo, and an ordered set of tabs and objects. Some standard applications are there in our organization like Sales, Marketing Etc.

Path for Creating Custom application:

Objects in salesfoce
API objects represent database tables that contain your organization's information.  The term “record” describes a particular occurrence of an object .A record is analogous to a row in a database table. A field is analogous to Column in a database table.

Some Objects already created for you by
 Sales force those are called standard objects. Objects you create in your organization are called custom objects.

Path to create Custom objects

Setupà BuildàCreateàobjectsàNew custom object.

By using the above path under an application we can create custom objects.

While creating objects we have to allow that object information to create reports and activities. After creation of object the page you will get is called as object definition page. Whenever we are creating an object by default some standard fields will created those are object name, Last modified by, Owner, Created by. If we want to edit standard fields we can edit, but we cannot be able to delete those fields.

Path for Creating Fields in Custom objects

SetupàCreate àObjects-à(select the object) Custom fields & Relationships.

Path for Creating Fields in Standard objects

Setupà BuildàCustomize à(Select the object) FieldsàCustom fields &Relationships.

Page layouts

It controls the layout and organization of detail and edits pages. It manages selection of fields, related lists, and custom links users on detail and edits pages. It also manages the standard and custom buttons display on detail pages and related lists. It determines whether fields are visible, read only, or required, on detail and edit pages only.

Path to create Page layout for standard objects

SetupàBuildàCustomize à(Select the object)PagelayoutàNew pagelayout

Path to create Page layout for custom objects 

SetupàBuildàCreateàObjectsà(Select object)PagelayoutàNew pagelayout

Page layout Assignment

Page layout assignment is to assign or to see for each and every profile what is the layout. Path is same as pagelayout beside “new page layout” there should be a button called “Page layout assignment”.

Record types:

Record types allow you to offer different business processes, picklist values, and page layouts to different users. Record types can be used in various ways, i.e, If we are having different business process and we want to save those information in a single object at that time we will go for record types.

Path to setup Record Type on Standard Objects:

SetupàBuildàCustomizeà(Select object) record TypeàNew record type

Path to setup Record Type on Custom Objects:  

SetupàBuildàCreateàObjectsà(Select object)Record typesàNew record type
For each record types we can assign a different page layout. We can assign it while creating the record type or after creating record types we have to go for layout assignment.

Page layout assignment for Record types

In object definition page in record types section “Page layout Assignment” would be there beside “new” . There we can choose a unique page layout for each Record type.

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