Wednesday 20 November 2013

Standard Objects in Salesforce

Each of the tabs in Salesforce dashboard called as Objects which represents major module or data element in an interconnected database. Each object is defined with set of fields.

Leads are defined as business deals. It maintains all details with respect to customer requests which include customer’s company details, customer details and the specific business request. Once lead is converted to opportunity, respective data will be moved to Accounts, contacts and opportunities module accordingly.

Accounts are companies that we do business with. We can track all types of accounts, including customers, prospects, partners, and competitors.

Contacts are individuals associated with accounts.

Opportunities are the deals that we pursue to drive revenue for our company.

Cases are customer inquiries that our support teams work to manage and resolve.

Solutions are answers to cases and other frequently asked questions.

Documents are the sales and marketing collateral and documents that we use as part of our selling or service processes.

Reports are data analyses for us and our entire organization. Salesforce provides a variety of best practices reports, and we can build custom reports on the fly to better measure our business.

Dashboards are graphs, charts, and tables based on our custom reports. We can use dashboards to visually measure and analyze key elements of our business.

Products are our company’s products and services, associated with the prices for which we offer them. We can link products and their prices to our opportunities.

Forecasts are our best estimates of how much revenue or product we can close in a fiscal period, depending on the way we forecast.

Campaigns are specific marketing activities that we manage to drive leads, build a brand, or stimulate demand.

Contracts are the agreements involved in our selling or support process. We can use contracts in Salesforce to manage our approval and renewal processes and keep important documents in one place.

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