Wednesday 8 January 2014

Learning Salesforce – Part-5

Part-4 can be found from here (Learning Salesforce - Part-4)

What is Web-to-Lead?

Web-to-lead generates a contact form that can be integrated within an existing website.  Each form submission creates a lead record in Sales force.

When is it appropriate to use Web-to-Lead?

Essentially, any time your organization wants to capture leads from a website, web-to-lead is the easiest way to do so.  

For example, use web-to-lead to add a “Contact Us for Pricing” form on your existing website that creates a lead record in Sales force for every form submission.

Path & Process for web-to-Lead:


Just check web-to-enabled checkbox. (Make it Enable)

1. Create a web-to-lead form
2. Select the entire field you want to display in the form
3. Click on generates, just copy the html code and save it as a html file.

Whenever we open the html file form will come (on desktop) just give all the details and submit, check your leads automatically a lead will be created in our org.

Assignment rules

What are lead assignment rules?

Lead assignment rules will change the owner of a newly created or reassigned lead based on a set of rules defined by the system administrator.

Why use lead assignment rules?

Use lead assignment rules to ensure that lead records are assigned (or re-assigned) to the correct user or queue for action.

My Company sells both products and services.  We use a custom field ‘Type’ on lead to indicate which the customer has expressed interest in.

If the lead is interested in products, then the product team will follow up.  If the lead is interested in services, then the services team will follow up.

How is lead assignment rules executed?

Lead assignment rules are executed sequentially.  The first rule where the record matches the rule criteria will determine the record owner.

How many different lead assignment rules can I create?

We can create more than one set of many lead assignment rules, but only one can be active at a time.  The active lead assignment rule is automatically selected in several scenarios, including web-to-lead submissions, as discussed below.

We may want to use multiple lead assignment rules to correspond to different processes (for instance, leads uploaded from marketing are treated differently than those created via website submission).

Path & Process for Assignment rules:

SetupàCustomizeàLeadsàAssignment rules for leads

àCustomizeàCasesà Assignment rules for cases

1. Create a new rule.
2. Open that rule to enter rule entries, just give any criteria.
3. Select the user to whom that record will assign.

For manually entered leads we have to check the checkbox assign using active assignment rules.

 Note: If we want to reorder the rule entries we can reorder.

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