Thursday 9 January 2014

Learning Salesforce – Part-9

Part-8 can be found from here (Learning Salesforce - Part-8)

Sales cloud Management

1)   Create a Campaign
2)   Create a Lead (Choose the associated campaign)
Note: Check the no of leads in Campaign
3)   Convert the lead as an Account, Contact, and Opportunity……….
Note: One Account can have multiple contacts and Opportunities.
4)   We have to define a custom product and Price book(Go for all tabs there you may find Products and Price book tabs)
5)   Come back to Account and Scroll down Click on Opportunity
6)   Choose Price book for that opportunity
7)   Add Products to that Price book
If we have any Partners, Competitors are there for that opportunity we can maintain those on formation under opportunity.
8)   Create a Quote for Customer (We have to enable to Quotes,  so jus check whether quote is enabled or not)
9)   Generate PDF
10)                   Give Discount on Quote line items
11)                   Generate PDF
Service Cloud management

1)   Maintain an Asset Record to each and every sold product. (Must and should give serial number)
2)   Give a Contract period to the customer.
3)   Whenever Customer (Call, Mail) you log a case under cases object.
Whenever we are closing the case we have to give the solution to that case. That solution would be useful for us in case in future if any customer suffering with the same query we can solve it in a less time.

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