Thursday 9 January 2014

Learning Salesforce – Part-7

Part-6 can be found from here (Learning Salesforce - Part-6)

Data Management

There are two tools for managing data in salesforce.

à Import wizard
à Data loader

Import wizard:

1.    Import wizard is capable of up-to 50000 Records.
2.    It will work for only standard objects Accounts/Contacts, Leads, Solutions & Custom objects.
3.    Import data into sales force.
4.    Duplicates will not be allowed.
5.    Don’t have Batch size.

Data Loader:

1. Data Loader is an application for the bulk import or export of data.
2. Data Loader is used to insert, Update, Upsert, Delete, Export, Export all sales force records.
3. When importing data, Data Loader reads, Extracts and loads data from CSV files when exporting data, it outputs CSV files.
4. It supports up-to 1mllion records.
5.    It supports for all standard and custom objects.
6.    Duplicates will be allowed in data loader.
7.    Data loader has a batch size.

Steps to Installing Data Loader:

1. Setup
àData ManagementàData Loader
2. Click “Download Data Loader” and save it in your PC and then install it by agreeing the license agreement.
3. To start Data Loader Double click the icon on your desktop.

Data Loader Operations:

Insert: This operation is used for inserting records into salesforce.
Update: This Operation is used for updating the existing records in salesforce.
Upsert: This Operation is the combination of insert and update. This operation is used to inserting the records and updating the existing records in sales force.
Delete: This operation is used for deleting records from sales force.
Export: This operation is used for extract all the records from sales force into CSV files.
Export All: This operation is used for extract all the records from sales force into CSV files.i.e, including records in recycle bin also.

Login Credentials for Data Loader:

User name: Same as Org Username
Password: OrgPwd + Security Token.

How to generate Security Token:

àPersonal setupàMy Personal informationàreset my Security token.

Then you may get a message to your mail regarding the security token.


1. Choose an object
2. Click on browse button select a CSV file to which the data will be exported.
3. Click next.
4. Select the fields we want to export(If we want we can give conditions to filter a set of records)
5. Click on finish.


1. Choose an Object
2. Click on browse button to select the source CSV file from Computer for inserting records into sales force.
3. Click on Next.
4. Map fields to the fields in the sales force object
5. Click on create or edit map then click on Auto match fields to columns then Click OK.
6. Click Next and then Click Finish.


1.    Almost same as inserting. But only difference is for updating ID is mandatory.

But for inserting, ID is not required.


1. To perform delete operation first we have to export the record Id into your PC.
2. Click on Delete and select the object.
3. In mapping map the ID field and then Click on next then Finish.


1. Upsert=Insert + Update
2. Process is same as Inserting.
3. If we are giving the ID for any records those records should be updated. And whatever records are there without ID those records should be inserted.

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