Friday 10 January 2014

Useful shortcut keys for SQL Server Professionals

To open a new Query Window with current connectionà Ctrl + N

To toggle between opened tabs                                               à Ctrl + Tab

To show/Hide Results pane                                                      à Ctrl + R

To execute highlighted query                                                   à Ctrl + E

To cancel the executing query                                                  à
Alt + Break or Alt + Scroll Lock

To make selected text uppercase or lowercase                  à
Ctrl + Shift + U, Ctrl + Shift + L

To display estimated execution plan                                      à Ctrl + L

To include actual execution plan                                             à Ctrl + M

To intelligence list member and complete word                à Ctrl + Space, Tab

To go to line                                                                                    à Ctrl + G

To comment and uncomment lines of code            

Ctrl + K & Ctrl + C; Ctrl + K & Ctrl + U

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